Demolition Derby Sponsored By Community Connection of Sauk Centre


Saturday, August 03, 2024 


7:30 pm



Additional Event Details

All grand stand events are $10

Why spend late July through early August stuck in the house when you could be getting down and dirty at the Demo Derby! While we have plenty of seating, you’ll want to get here early, and join other enthusiasts as they cheer on their favorite drivers to the sounds of revving engines, flying mud, and crashing metal! Stearns County Fair is proud to be celebrating 56 years of derby action.

You’re in for a treat! The goal of a demo derby is to be behind the wheel of the only drivable vehicle in the theatre. As drivers navigate the track, each develops a strategy for success. Some take the offensive and demolish as many other cars as they can, as quickly as they can. Many take a defensive position to absorb each hit. Some go into flight mode. Still others take a passive approach, keeping a low profile throughout the worst of the battle. Sometimes they win; sometimes they lose─ but every derby is a thrill!


A great attitude, earplugs, and a blanket to shield yourself from flying mud thrown by passing derby cars. The closer you are to the action, the dirtier you can expect to go home!


For derby rules, updates, and announcements, visit Community Connection website, or join our email list by contacting [email protected]. Get more information about derby rules by contacting Josh Bueckers at [email protected].

Demo Derby
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