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Summer isn’t complete without a trip to the Stearns County Fair. This yearly tradition is a thrill for locals and visitors alike. The fair opens at the end of July and attracts between 30,000 to 35,000 people annually. 2024 represents our 122nd year of celebrating the Stearns County Fair from our original location in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. Camping spots are available on the fairgrounds.

Welcome To The Stearns County Fair in Sauk Centre, MN

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Events include draft horse wagon rides, Crescent City Amusements carnival, live music, a ranch rodeo, demolition derbies, animal shows, and more.

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Why spend late July through early August stuck in the house when you could be getting down and dirty at the Demo Derby!

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Stearns County Fair partners with Crescent City Amusements Carnival, one of the safest, most reliable amusement companies in the country.

There's Something

For Everyone.

Enjoy new and exciting events each day, including draft horse wagon rides, Crescent City Amusements carnival, live music, a ranch rodeo, demolition derbies, animal shows, and more. Exhibitors of all ages prepare for months to showcase all our county has to offer, from cattle, pigs, horses, sheep, goats, and chickens, to flowers, breads, jams, jellies, fine arts, and quilts. Catch up with old friends and meet a few new ones as we make this a fair to remember!

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Your Fair Guide & Forms

Your complete guide to all things Stearns County Fair including entry forms! 

Become A Vendor

Apply to become a vendor at this year’s Stearns County Fair. 

Off Season Happenings

Learn more about off season storage and building rental options.

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Share your photos by using the hashtag #stearnscountyfair. 

Can't wait!
Well, it’s the last day of the county fair.  What a crazy, hot, and fun week we had!  Now that I have a few minutes to think, my thoughts go way back.

When you walk through the poultry barn, you will inevitably see row after row of birds.  You may see a below-average breeding trio with a red ribbon attached to it.  But I see the 3 lone survivors of a late spring storm where we tragically lost the rest of their pen mates.

You may see two pens of ducks, identical to the several pens on either side of them.  I see a 12-year-old boy shivering in the cold, knocking on the post office door at 6 a.m. to pick up a box of adorable fluffy ducklings on a frigid winter morning.

You may see two ugly white turkeys lounging in their pen.  I see months of trial and error and growing pains as a 13-year-old boy took on the task of learning about and raising these giant birds.

You may see a pen of tiny little quail, hollering at you from inside their cage.  I see a 10-year-old girl who waited months to get her little birds and suffered heartache at the loss of a few when an old tom cat got into their pen.

If you head over to the 4-H building you will see hundreds of projects that may seem insignificant to you, but I see countless Walmart runs, tears over ink cartridges, and a very messy kitchen back at home.

And lastly, you will see dozens of 4-H kids sleeping on the ride home.  But I see a son or daughter who had to interview with adults despite their shyness, who went out of their comfort zone to try new things, and who spent months working on their projects and deserve a nap after a job well done.

Farewell County Fair.  We will be back again next year!

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We aren’t very good about taking photos together as a family but I know I wish that I had more of them from my own childhood. We only get to be this age once! When our memories get foggy, these are what we have to reminisce and remind us of the times and experiences we share. ❤️

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Thanksgiving dinner is brought to you by Phil and grandpa Joe who so generously bought Phil's ribbon at the Blue Ribbon Auction! ❤️❤️🦃

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Nos vemos pronto, Stearns County Fair 🎡

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Algo de esta tarde en el Stearns County Fair 💃🔥 stearnscounty #MARGARITAMARGARITA 
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We are setup at the Stearns County Fair!🎡🎢🎟️Come take a look at the Arctic Cat Prowler Pro, and Kawasaki Mule 4010. 

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St. Joseph's Hammer found another new place to call home- Hidden Treasures in Sauk Centre!! ❤️

If you are local to Sauk, or are heading to town this week for the county fair, I invite you to stop in and visit this beautiful bookstore and grab yourself a copy! It's conveniently located right on historic Main street.

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Summer Website Launch Announcement - "Stearns County Fair was looking for a fresh redesign that communicated summer fun but was still easy to navigate and access information. The new site allows visitors to easily see the schedule each day of the fair, the fair vendors, the various exhibits, and more. The fair imagery really brings the site to life". - Beth Leipholtz, Web Designer #stearnscountyfair #cybersprout
Riding Into each passing summer weekend with full intentions to make some sort of memory! 💜💥💜💥 #stearnscountyfair #walkerfamilygoods #exploreminnesota #fannyfamily #minnesotagirl #walkergoods #walkerfamilygoods walkerfamilygoods
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