Fill Your Relaxing Summer Days With Entertainment

Fill Your Relaxing Summer Days With Entertainment

Enjoy music, animal shows and parades at the Stearns County Fair

Once the kids are out of school and done catching up on their sleep, they’re going to need something to keep them entertained. We can help with that. Bring the kids over to the Stearns County Fair to enjoy:

  • Live music
  • An antique tractor parade
  • A horse show

Save the dates to join in on the fun this summer!

Come out and watch our draft horse parade

We’re one of the few fairs in the area with a large number of draft horses on our grounds every year. Draft horses are a large breed of horse known for their strength and gentle nature.

You can witness their power during our draft horse parade. Farmers will bring their beautiful horses over to the grounds to have them pull antique machinery.

Contact us today to find out when you can see the draft horses in action!

Check Out Some of Our Entertainers!

Below are some of the entertainers that will be at the Stearns County Fair this summer. Take a look and get ready for some fun!

The Podunk Poets: Saturday & Sunday Afternoon
Contention: Friday night
The Amazing Hoopsters
Red Letter Band: Saturday night